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3 levels of difficulty:

1. Recognize the displayed image

2. Describe a tradition, place or person without using the forbidden          word

3. Answer the quiz/bonus question

How to play the game:

Step 1: As a group, decide which level you want to play.

Step 2: The youngest player draws a card.

Step 3: This player describes what is on the card/ asks the question and thus cannot play this round themselves. In the second level, the other opponents check after the round if the player has not said the forbidden words. In the case where the player has said them, the card goes back to the deck.

Step 4: The player who knows the answer must hit the table as fast as possible or shout the answer into the room.

Step 5: If the player answers the question correctly, they get the card. If not, someone else can try to win the card.

Step 6: The next player draws a card.The game is played clockwise.

Quiz/ Bonus Question:

At the last level, the player who draws the card has the choice between the quiz or bonus question.

Space 1- Quiz question: The player asks the quiz question to the other participant and the first person to answer correctly gets assigned the card

Space 2- Bonus question: The player can choose any opponent and ask him the bonus question. If the opponent answers correctly, they get the card. If not, the player who asked the question can keep the played card and take 1 card from the opponent's deck. If they have none, the played card goes back into the pile.

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